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by Gabbie Risolvato

VT Industries has improved countertop and door manufacturing for the past 60+ years. When the family-owned and operated company opened its doors in 1956 in Holstein, Iowa their only focus was laminate countertops. Throughout the years their focus expanded, as they now are a leading manufacturer of commercial interior doors and have managed to become leaders in the recycling industry.

VT Industries is currently relying on their third generation of leadership, who is mindful of sustainability. The company has a long-term, strategic vision for their business. This approach has helped drive their recycling efforts, as they are very conscious of the environmental impacts over time.

VT Industries uses recycled materials in several of their products. Their EQ Countertop is a perfect example; its core is comprised of recycled materials, uses water based adhesive, and is GREENGAURD and FSC certified. However, VT Industries’ dedication to recycling doesn’t stop with the products they produce and how they produce them. They continue to improve their recycling efforts in their offices as well. Their corporate office is paperless and use wood scraps to heat the production facility in the winter. Just last year they recycled nearly 23,000,000 pounds of materials. In 2016, VT Industries recycled 94% of the waste they produced. They have plans to increase this number as they find more innovative ways to recycle throughout their production areas and offices.

VT Industries values the respect of their customers and the sustainability industry. They prove this by maintaining numerous environmental sustainability certifications. Although this can be a challenge to keep up with in the ever-changing recycling industry, they forge ahead. “We are constantly working hard to improve our recycling efforts,” said Angela George, VT’s Marketing and Communications Manager, when discussing the driving forces behind VT’s sustainability and recycling efforts. The Clausen family has always instilled a continuous improvement mentality into the business. This company value helps to drive VT Industries’ strong attention to detail, keeping the company focused on quality and growth, and pushing them to be an environmentally sustainable business.

For VT Industries, being a part of the Iowa Recycling Association is important in guiding them to continuously improve how they recycle. VT Industries takes pride in its follow through, and being a part of the IRA is a great way for the company to monitor and track their progress in their recycling efforts.

Learn more about VT Industries and their sustainable products at www.vtindustries.com.