Recycling News

The United States of bans

Bans on plastic bags and single-use plastics gain steam in some states; other states clamp down on local bans.  >>

China policies a boon to US recycling plants

Chinese policies have spurred investment in American plants that process recyclables.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Iowa City recycling rates increase

Recycling rates are up 30% since this time last year — the result of the city’s new recycling carts and education efforts.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: MWA seeks proposals for recycling facility

MWA puts out request for bids to build its own recycling facility.

WasteDive >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Dispute over new recycling facility in Iowa

MWA and Mid-America in dispute over recycling in Des Moines.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Sioux City implements new recycling program

Sioux City hopes new motto for its recycling program will increase participation.  >>

Consumer convenience is essential to saving Iowa’s bottle bill

Read Susan Collins’ guest column in the Des Moines Register. >>

China reiterates total ban

China doubles down on plans to ban virtually all recovered material imports, and tries to define “solid waste.”  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: “In-The-Loop” adds to local recycled art

The Metro Waste Authority is celebrating 50 years by unveiling new local art outside its headquarters.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Programs push back against gloom and doom

IRA members and others are quoted in the Quad Cities Times article.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Q-C center defies odds in turbulent market

Though some recycling programs are struggling, the Waste Commission of Scott County’s program is holding its own, Kathy Morris says.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: How Eastern Iowa is tackling food waste

From food sharing to organic composting, systems are being put in place to tackle issues of food waste, and they’re working.  >>

Bridging the U.S.-China gap

Although the recycling relationship between the two countries is strained, an expert says collaboration can help.  >>