January 14 – March 17
Book Read: Sustainable Business in Iowa
Collaborate with the Resource & Reuse Technology Transfer Center on four Tuesday nights in January, February and March from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. in person at the UNI Business and Community Service Building or online through Zoom. Read more and register.

February 20
EPA webinar: Facts and Figures 2017 — Assessing Trends in Materials Generation, Recycling, Composting, Combustion with Energy Recovery and Landfilling in the United States. Learn more and register.

February 20
CURC webinar: Collaborations with Academics: Student Projects and Campus Engagement
Three presenters will offer their own experiences engaging with student projects on campus to further sustainability and waste management programs, while contributing to a student’s education.

March 5
EPA-SMM Web Academy Webinar: After Disaster: Deconstruction, Rebuilding and Resilience Lessons from Hurricanes Katrina and Irene

March 12
Recycling Partnership Webinar Wednesday: What’s the Bag Deal? Dealing with Film, Wrap and Bags in your Recycling Stream

March 17
IRA board meeting and tour: Quincy Recycle, Marion
Open to all IRA members. Join us!

March 19
NERC webinar: Rethink Recycling
David Allaway from Oregon DEQ will summarize his state’s research into the environmental benefits and limitations of recycling and suggest a path forward.

March 24
Busch systems webinar: What You Need To Know When Choosing Recycling Bins

March 31
NERC webinar: Best Management Practices for Community Composting Webinar
Learn the nuts and bolts of community composting, from siting and feedstock collection to system management and composting through the winter. Hear case studies from rural sites, community gardens and housing developments.

April 8
AS Council webinar: Designing food service packaging for compostability

April 16
CURC webinar: Plastic Policy: Innovations on Water Bottle Bills, Bans and Behavior Change