Recycling News

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: First Star Recycling upgrades plastics sorting capabilities

A Closed Loop Fund loan is helping company retrofit its materials recovery facility to better target PET and HDPE.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: TOMRA’s latest tech achieves 95% purity for glass from MSW

According to TOMRA, new technology achieves 95% purity at high throughput rates, even when input materials are wet, dusty or dirty.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Fort Dodge recycling center sells paper locally

North central Iowa center takes advantage of local markets, according to operations manager Jason Slinker.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Dubuque SWA sells rights to natural gas

Move to sell gas will create revenue, provide a boost in local jobs and reduce the landfill’s impact on the environment.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Clinton County contracts with Scott County

The CCASWA board unanimously approved a five-year contract with Scott County for single-stream recycling.  >>

Recyclables continue to see stable prices

Markets for many curbside recyclables remain relatively steady, with paper and plastic grades maintaining their values into early December.  >>

IRA President Schumacher talks recycling

North Central Iowa’s Radio-on-the-Go Newsmaker program talks with Alan Schumacher about changes in recycling markets.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Iowa City begins delivering new recycling carts

Recycling Partnership grant helps Iowa City purchase the bins. City hopes carts will encourage wider participating in recycling program.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Republic Services announces charitable giving program awardees

Quad Cities Habitat for Humanity is among Republic’s National Neighborhood Promise™ winners.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: features Quincy Recycle

BUILDINGS toured Quincy to see how industrial recycling turns waste into reusable material.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Agency hopes to change customers’ recycling habits

With value of recyclables falling, Cedar Rapids-Linn SWA plans to emphasize education.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Recycled paper landfilled

In Des Moines and across the county, cities are having trouble offloading recyclables.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Is recycling worth your time?

Though a current lack of markets and contamination in the bin has sent some recyclables to the landfill, Iowa waste officials say “Keep recycling.”  >>

Research to redefine how garbage and recycling are viewed

DNR’s new study will examine if a wider perspective should be used to determine how things are thrown away.  >>