Recycling News

Food waste on D.C. agenda and gaining momentum

Waste Dive explains where the US stands on federal food waste policy.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Scott County weathers the storm

Kathy Morris discusses markets for recyclables and their effect on the Waste Commission of Scott County.  >>

Study finds bagged recyclables better option than carts/bins

Toronto study found cost savings and comparable or higher level of recycling performance.  >>

FirstStar ends commercial single stream

The change is attracting attention, but affects only a small portion of Omaha’s recycling stream.  >>

How recycling steel and aluminum could cut imports without trade war

Daniel Cooper, U of Michigan, explains benefits of recycling more scrap metal.  >>

Updated paper specs to improve recycling stream

Among other changes, “Prohibitive Materials” are clearly listed and for the first time, “Zero Tolerance” is defined.  >>

Industry groups work to increase OCC recovery

Corrugated Packaging and Recycling Industry Groups pursue initiatives to generate greater ease of access.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Iowa City no longer accepts plastic bags

International recycling economics prompt change.  >>

Expert describes the future of tire recycling

Resource Recycling’s Q&A outlines market evolution for scrap tires.  >>