Recycling News

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Scott County sees 61 percent increase in recycling

Closed Loop Fund case study shows recycling can be profitable. Read more.

Millenials committed to sustainability/recycling

New study sheds light on Millennials’ feelings about workplace sustainability and finding jobs that align with their beliefs. Read more.

Trump budget blueprint includes recycling cuts

Recycling and waste-minimization activities would be cut 20%, an analysis states. General waste management activities would face an 11% decrease. Read more.

Pair of deposit programs prepare for shifts

As Iowa debates Bottle Bill, a U.S. state and a Canadian province implement big changes to their own container-deposit programs. Read more.

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Iowa City launches new programs

City rolls out curbside composting and downtown recycling. Read more.

Office Depot and TerraCycle partner on binder recycling

New program allows consumers to recycle unwanted binders. Read more.

Who’s Really Winning the War on Plastic Bag Bans and Fees?

No product is under greater legislative debate right now than single-use plastic bags. Read more.

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Des Moines Public Works recognizes recycling skills

Residents receive a special gold-colored lid if no contamination is found in cart after two voluntary audits. Read more.

Poll: Iowans strongly favor deposit law

While statehouse debates, poll shows overwhelming support for bottle bill. Read more.

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: C&C Manufacturing purchases Al-Jon scrap product line

Centerville-based firm will rebrand line of balers and car crushers with C&C name, carry on the legacy of quality and reliability. Read more.

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: New push to recycle in City of Spencer

With goal of diverting OCC and e-waste, Recycling Task Force hires Education Coordinator. Read more.