Recycling News

China to purchase two US paper mills

Though mills are traditional pulp operations, use of recycled fiber may be integrated.  >>

Ag plastics recycling operation expands

Now in Wisconsin, Minnesota and northern Iowa, Revolution Plastics expands to California.  >>

Limited imports of recovered fiber create shortfall in China

Disruption in the supply could damage China’s paper industry and strain global virgin pulp supply.   >>

Vietnam suspends scrap plastic imports

Another wakeup call for U.S. recycling markets to push toward domestic solutions.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Iowa City has new food waste bins

95-gallon and 25-gallon bins now being distributed for curbside pickup of compost.  >>

Chinese import tariffs would harm recycling industry

China supplies components for U.S. recycling industry equipment, meaning tariffs on these imports would be felt across many recycling sectors.  >>

Tackling food waste: UK grocery chain removes “Best before” dates

Tesco cites confusion between “best before” and “use by.” US grocery stores ranked for how they deal with food waste.  >>

New Iowa law helps ID legitimate recycling

Law gives regulators statutory criteria to determine whether companies are storing material for recycling or speculatively accumulating it.  >>

MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Alliant appliance recycling still going strong

Program celebrates 20 years and 150,000 appliances.  >>