The Iowa Recycling Association (IRA) is a statewide non-profit serving its members who are vested in the recycling industry. Through ongoing communication, representation and education, the IRA strives to advance recycling practices across the state. Existing and potential members are invited to actively participate in upcoming events, attend Board meetings and take advantage of education opportunities. The IRA is continually evolving to better serve you. Let us know how we can help!

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ISRI poll: Recycling needs to be made easy

Two-thirds of Americans agree: “If a product is not easy/convenient for me to recycle, I probably would not recycle it.” Poll provides insights into how brands and government can drive recycling.


Latest pricing for post-consumer recyclables

Some recovered commodities have experienced market fluctuations of late, but pricing for OCC and natural HDPE has remained flat.


Chinese company to produce recycled pulp at U.S. mills

Nine Dragons’ recently acquired virgin fiber mills in WI and ME will add recycled pulp production lines.


Thailand announces permanent e-scrap and plastic bans

E-scrap ban begins immediately. Scrap plastic imports will officially end in 2021.


Study: Community support for recycling pays off

A recent Massachusetts project highlights areas where community investment in recycling leads to significant improvement in outcomes.


MEMBERS IN THE NEWS: Omaha facility named Resource Recycling MRF of the month

Firstar, dba First Star Recycling, receives honor its many first-in-state and first-in-nation accomplishments.


Upcoming Events

Oct. 25 – Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council webinar

Sustainable Purchasing 101 – Strategies for Implementing a Sustainable Procurement Program

Oct. 31 – NAPRA webinar

Improving Quality in the Recycling Cart

Nov. 7 – NRC/Illinois Recycling Association workshop, Chicago

Recycling Markets Development in the 21st Century – Midwest